Woman Can’t Recognize Shaggy Ex-Husband After Incredible Makeover

It’s amazing how much a makeover can change the way people look at you. When a lady sent her ex-husband, who had long flowing white hair and a beard to Rachael Ray, nothing prepared her for the transformation he was about to get.

She Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes

When Rachael Ray introduced Ian Cook to her audience, they were shocked to see a man who looked similar to Gandalf the Grey. However, when Ian returned from his “manover,” the audience couldn’t believe it was the same person…

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Somebody Save My Ex-Husband!

Ian Cook is a straight-up guy from Stamford, Connecticut who works in utilities. Although he and ex-wife Karen have been separated for a while now, she felt compelled to write to talk show host Rachael Ray, requesting that her ex-husband got a much-needed “manover,” aka a male makeover. Ray couldn’t believe the photo she received. “When we checked out this picture,” Ray said. “I know, with the walking stick and everything, like right out of Lord of the Rings.”

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Why Send Your Ex To Rachael Ray?

Amazingly, it was the first time in the history of The Rachael Ray Show that someone had ever nominated an ex to appear on the show. This posed the question: why exactly would Ian’s ex-wife send him on the show to have such a radical makeover? It wasn’t as if she was looking to take him back. Ultimately, it was Ian who had the answer to this question and shared his reasons with the audience.

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Anything For My Boys

When Rachael Ray asked Ian why he had come on the show in the first place, his answer was pretty profound. “Just for my boys,” he said. “I know it’s been bothering them for a while. My parents offered to pay me to get a haircut…I said no but I will do it for [the boys.]” In fact, Ian’s twin sons, 16-year-olds Benjamin and Cameron, were both there sitting in the front row with their mother, Ian’s ex-wife, Karen.

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Kyan To The Rescue

It wasn’t just Rachael Ray who was helping out Ian in this desperate time in his life. In order to give him the makeover he deserved, the host brought in style expert Kyan Douglas. Kyan elaborated on Ian’s reasons to make his sons happy. “They get a little embarrassed sometimes when they bring the ladies home, and they’ve got the Gandalf guy in the living room,” Kyan said. Based on their expressions, you could tell that Cameron and Benjamin were ready for this.

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Karen Made It Happen

Although Ian’s sons have expressed their concerns about their wizard look-a-like dad cramping their style in front of the ladies, it was ultimately his ex-wife Karen who really made things happen. She was the person responsible for getting Ian on the show. “The boys are getting older now and things have been said, and I think I have to be the go-between,” she said. However, it was the detail that Ian revealed next that truly took this case to another level…

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Last Haircut Was Years Ago

The moment that truly made the entire audience’s jaws drop was the moment that Ian answered a specific question from Rachael Ray. She eventually asked him the following question: “When was the last time you had your haircut?” Ian simply said the year, “2011.” The crowd was absolutely floored. It had been a staggering four years since Ian had gone to the barbershop and had a haircut. Ian, Karen, his sons, Kyan, and Rachael Ray all knew that it was long overdue.

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Good Man

Makeover or no makeover, it was clear that Ian was a good man at his core. Surely, that’s what mattered the most, right? “He’s a perfectly lovely man on the inside,” Rachael Ray said. However, perceptions are everything in this day and age, and many would argue that your exterior should reflect what’s on the inside. Ultimately, Ian just wanted to make his sons proud. “I want [my boys] to be as proud of me as I am of them,” he said.

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Always Been Scruffy

Although it has only been in the last few years that Ian has transformed into something of a modern-day Gandalf the Grey, one thing about him had remained the same for a long time. Rachael Ray revealed to the audience a collection of photos, proving that Ian had been pretty scruffy for many years. In fact, one photo showed Ian on his wedding day with Karen, sporting a pretty shaggy hairstyle. However, that wasn’t the only photo that was shown.

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Same Hair, Different Day

As the show progressed, Rachael Ray shared with the audience a number of other photos of Ian and Karen during key points in their lives. What you will begin to realize is that in every single image, even when he was cradling his babies, Ian is sporting the same ghastly mane. “You went into this kind of knowing what you were getting,” Rachael jokingly said to Karen. It’s not surprising that this look must have taken its toll on her relationship with Ian.

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Inspecting Ian

In order to devise a plan for Ian’s makeover, Kyan needed to work out what needed work and which of Ian’s features he could use to his advantage. “Well obviously the hair is a situation,” he said. “You know what? He’s a handsome guy. I love his eyes. He’s got a strong cheekbone…When I look at him I just see a guy who has gotten comfortable and a little too comfortable. We all do, from time to time.”

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Pros & Cons

There was no doubt that there were both good and bad things about Ian’s current appearance. “He’s edgy,” Rachael said. “He’s got the chain on the wallet, a kind of a biker thing going on.” Kyan also agreed that there were certain things to be happy about with Ian’s look. “Yeah he’s got the handlebar mustache thing a little bit,” he said. So what exactly were Rachael and Kyan going to do with Ian? What was the master plan going to be?

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The Master Plan

It was at this point that Rachael and Kyan presented their vision for Ian’s makeover. “We’re not going conservative. We want him to be comfortable in his own skin,” Rachael said. However, Kyan had his own idea of where he wanted to go with Ian’s makeover. “I just want to do a version of him, just better and that his sons feel great about. That he feels great about,” he said. The duo wanted Ian to feel “psyched” about the makeover.

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Makeover Time

After setting the scene and breaking down Ian’s story, Kyan and his team were ready to get the makeover underway. They took Ian backstage and got to work. Of course, on an episode of The Rachael Ray Show, the makeover happens “instantly.” In no time whatsoever (or after some tricky piece of TV editing), Ian was ready to return to the stage and show off his makeover. This begged the question: was Ian’s “manover” a success or a resounding failure?

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Who’s That Gorgeous Silver Fox?

The reveal was incredible. A man appeared from backstage, walking confidently and with a whole new wardrobe. Lo and behold, it was Ian. Here he was standing without the long white locks and with a tidied up beard. In the blink of an eye, Ian had transformed from Gandalf the Grey into a stunt double for George Clooney! Ian could look in the mirror now and legitimately call himself a silver fox. The audience was absolutely stunned.

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What Is Kyan’s Secret?

When asked what his secret was to get Ian into such good shape, Kyan had some simple tips. “Basically, he’s a big and tall guy. The secret is…if you are of big or tall size…is to incorporate some structure into your look,” he said. “So I went with hiking boots, which I love. Dark denim…” Yet the boots and the dark denim were just a part of Ian’s new apparel that took his look to the next level.

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Good Colors

As far as Kyan was concerned, every single component had to be thought out thoroughly in order for everything to work well together. “This is some sort of military green, quilted and cropped-cut jacket,” he said. “If you go for a cropped waste and solid jacket, you’re creating structure.” Kyan is a firm believer that structure is the name of the game when menswear is concerned. To finish things off, he selected a lumberjack style sweater for Ian.

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Karen Wants Him Back?

With Ian’s new look drawing “oohs” and “ahs” from the audience, Rachael Ray used this as an opportunity to have fun with Karen. “I think she’s rethinking that whole ‘ex’ thing!” she said cheekily. However, Ian quickly responded with an “Oh nooo!” Despite the fact that he and Karen remained friendly after their separation, Ian was adamant that he would never get back together with the mother of his children. He was ready to try out his new hunkish look with other single ladies.

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Best He Ever Looked

Rachael reminded the audience of the photos that they showed them before the makeover. All those years ago, Ian had looked a certain way and had finally transformed into a cooler, more vibrant version of himself. “You saw their wedding pictures, right? He didn’t even look like this on their wedding day!” Rachael said. However, it was what Rachael said next that really hit home Ian’s incredible makeover. There was something about Ian that stood out more than anything else…

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It’s All In The Hair

The thing that Rachael Ray loved the most about Ian’s new look was how his hair has changed. After running her fingers through his hair, she said the following: “You have the greatest hair ever man! You notice how thick and healthy it is with less hair on your head.” Rachael went on to explain how much she thinks women will love his new hairstyle. “It’s very hot for women. Just long enough to push behind your ear is super-sexy, man,” she said.

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Absolutely Delighted

Of course, when it came to Ian’s awesome makeover, the opinion that mattered the most was Ian’s. As soon as he settled and the audience got themselves together, Rachael asked him how he felt about his new look. “Ian, my first question to you is are you comfortable?” she asked, to which Ian replied by saying, “Yeah, I’m very pleased with everything.” It was evident that Ian was thoroughly pleased with his extreme makeover. But how did everyone else feel about it?

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Special Moment

When Ian was reunited with Rachael Ray as well as the man responsible for his “manover,” Kyan Douglas, it was a truly special moment. The host couldn’t help but share with Ian her own thoughts on his new look. “Well, let me just tell you, before we let your family speak, I think you look really handsome,” she said. This was swiftly followed by Rachael pointing out Ian’s ex-wife Karen, who was sitting with Cameron and Benjamin. She was the happiest person in the audience.

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Totally Unrecognizable

When Rachael Ray asked Ian’s sons what they thought of their dad’s new look, they were absolutely lost for words. However, his ex-wife Karen had the following to say: “When he came around the corner, he looked like someone on TV. I don’t know who, but I was like, ‘Who is that?'” Karen went on to say that Ian now looked like some kind of celebrity. This begs the question: what exactly was Kyan’s secret to Ian’s stunning makeover?

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Is He Going To Keep It?

Although there is nothing in the rulebook that states that Ian is required to maintain this appearance, there will be many that believe he would be making a big mistake if he reverted back to his old “style.” As a result, Rachael Ray asked Ian something that would prove to be crucial. “Now the most important question: would you be interested in keeping this look? ‘Cause you rock it well,” she said. Ian simply said, “Yeah, I do like it.”

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Everyone Loves Ian’s New Look

On the way back from that life-changing episode of The Rachael Ray Show, it was reported that Ian’s sons were transfixed with their dad’s new look. “The boys could not take their eyes off of Ian on the train ride home and kept saying how great he looks,” Karen said. It seems that, from now on, Cameron and Benjamin are not going to feel so awkward bringing their girlfriends home. In fact, they’re going to be more worried that they don’t fall in love with their dad!

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