These Red Carpet Dress Malfunctions Have A-Listers Cringing


After waiting all year for the most sparkling time of the year – and no, we’re not talking about Christmas – these celebs showed up for Award season in their finest couture. Little did they know that in a few seconds they would stumble on the red carpet and want to bury their head in the sand.

Sequinned Secret

Despite becoming more rebellious recently, Perry did not expect to show as much as she did during her performance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. The silver sequinned mini dress she wore presented tighty whities the minute she sat down.


Lady In Red Turning Red

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland thought she would attend the 2017 Emmys looking more in shape and fabulous than ever in this slimming red dress that shows off her trim stomach. That is, until her Spanx revealed the cutting truth. Luckily she caught the slip and fixed it, but not before the paparazzi caught her priceless reaction to this mistake. The usually poised actress seemed mortified that her secret Spanx were revealed. Better luck next time!


Slippery Slope

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl was quick on her feet when her dress’s strap snapped when she gave her speech at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas. Heigl’s naturally curvy body would have been the talk of the town if she would not have caught the strap in time. However, luckily for the star of the film 27 Dresses, people would have to wait until she would decide to reveal more skin, and not because of an unpredicted malfunction.


Less Is Moore

The actress who has been prolific in films since the early 1990s may have received the Academy Award for Best Actress, but there is no need to tiptoe around the issue with the picture below. Let’s just say we would hate to be in her shoes, despite the fact Moore has received many accolades and is greatly celebrated for her performances in the film industry. With so much effort put into her hair, makeup, and gown, you would think getting the right shoe size would not be an issue.


Step Out Of Line

Nothing says safety first like nearly going face first into the red carpet at the Cannes film festival. Luckily, this security guard was waiting to prove his worth and dive in when he was needed. Thankfully, this A-lister managed to get out of this embarrassing situation without cracking his head open. Unfortunately for Jason Derulo, however, the crew of cameramen was finger-on-the-trigger ready to snap a shot of the epic moment, guaranteeing the man in black will never miss a step again.


Grande Malfunction

“Side to Side” singer and former Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande attended the 2012 Teen Choice Awards wearing a rather unique dress. Layered with satin and tulle, the dress had a general tint of cream, but what made it peculiar was the repeated print of macaroons. The pastel-colored print did capture the eyes of many, but what made photographers click their cameras ferociously was the near hit and miss of the young artist, who clearly struggled to keep her dress intact during strong winds.


Treasure Her Chest

Israeli socialite Hofit Golan’s canary-colored dress failed to cover her modesty while making an appearance at the Venice Film Festival in 2017, but that didn’t stop the woman from flashing a proud smile. Known for loving a grand entrance, Golan was not about to let her broken leg and less-than-couture crutches get in the way of dropping too many jaws to count. However, she never expected the tiered ruffled gown to betray her and reveal her bare chest the minute she raised her arms.



Social Suicide

Ben Affleck attended the London after-party for the Suicide Squad premiere when suddenly, paparazzi snapped a photo of the Daredevil actor with his button undone. Affleck should have foreseen this, and double checked his appearance before leaving his hotel room. Nonetheless, he still managed to keep a straight face as he fastened his belt. What the actor did not notice, however, is that his belt missed a loop – making this whole incident a lot more revealing than it should have been.


Clumsy Cinderella

Hayden Panettiere had to learn the hard way that as beautiful as a gown might look off the rack, that does not mean it is suitable for the red carpet. While making an appearance at the Met Ball in 2014, the Nashville starlet stumbled as she was walking down the stairs. Her Dennis Basso dress apparently got tangled in her high heels, but the actress knew better than to cause a scene. With an apologetic smile and good humor, Panettiere quickly found her feet and continued as normal.


Oh Snap!

During the 2015 ASTRA Awards in Sydney, A Place To Call Home actress Abby Earl strutted her stuff down the red carpet and posed for photographers and fans. Suddenly, Earl noticed she had a relatively minor wardrobe malfunction – one of the straps of her metallic high heels snapped as she was mid-step. What could have ended in a serious tumble luckily resulted in the actress having to bend down somewhat awkwardly and fix the broken strap. Once this disaster was averted, Earl put on a brave smile and continued her stroll.


Spanx You Very Much

Queen B, AKA Beyonce Knowles, proved that despite what many seem to think, she is human too. And as such, she falls victim to the occasional wardrobe malfunction as well. This was evident as the “Drunk In Love” singer stepped up on a curb wearing a shape-hugging silky emerald dress. The paparazzi who waited around the corner got a shot of Bey’s secret Spanx. Regardless, the singer handled the sudden reveal like a pro and stayed all smiles while she repositioned her dress.


Keep Up, Kim

Reality star Kim Kardashian is well accustomed to the limelight and sought public recognition from a relatively young age. Although she has come a long way from her partying days with heiress Paris Hilton, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians proved she still has moments she lives to regret to this day. When she attended the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild SAG wards in 2011, Kim wore a Marchesa gown that dangerously dangled off one shoulder, threatening to expose her chest to everyone in sight.


The Mistake That Cost A Fortune

When attending the screening for her brand new comedy Office Christmas Party, the jaunty Jennifer Aniston rocked an all-black ensemble but forgot to take the tag off before leaving the house. The Celine coat was draped over her shoulders in an effortless manner, and the talented former FRIENDS actress looked as stunning as always. Thankfully, no one managed to snap a shot of the price of the coat, and so Aniston was never shamed for the number printed on the tag.


Without A Kerr In The World

InStyle magazine’s 2012 Women of Style Awards in Sydney, Australia included the beautiful Miranda Kerr as one of the Women of the Year. The Victoria Secret model wore a halter neck dress designed by Carla Zampatti, which carried an uncanny resemblance to the prominent Marilyn Monroe gown. However, the power blue dress fell apart just as the model showed up on the red carpet. Luckily, her personal assistant was there to make sure nothing slipped out of place and concealed her modesty.


It Popped, Darling

“Oh shoot, the back of my dress just popped!” said singer Mariah Carey as she was on stage, talking to Good Morning America anchor Lara Spencer in Central Park. The American Idol judge teetered awkwardly around the stage, after singing the first song of the show’s summer concert series. Carey was not shy about the malfunction and quickly owned up to it, twirling to show her fans the tear and saying: “It popped, darling. What should we call this? The Central Park saga?”


Mix And Mismatch

The stunning High School Musical star seen in the picture below might not have had her dress ripped apart, or her shoe’s heel snap off, but this is a serious wardrobe malfunction nonetheless. We realize the early 2000s had a style of their own, but there is no way Ashley Tisdale did not fire her stylist after continuously reassuring her that a pink army skirt, bright orange silk belt, faux fur sash and white fishnet stockings were the way to go.


What A Legend

Chrissy Teigen’s vibrant smile is well known to her fans from co-hosting the Lip Sync Battle, but the grin was bigger than ever at the 2016 Oscars. Pregnant Chrissy wore a beige Marchesa gown adorned with bejeweled ruby flowers, which had a stunning effect – but she had trouble keeping it that way. Luckily, her husband and renowned singer John Legend came to the rescue and fixed Chrissy’s long train before she had the chance to trip over it.


Moves Like Jagger

Adam Levine is used to the sound of screaming teenage girls whenever he enters the stage, but even the “Moves Like Jagger” singer could not hide his surprise when the cheering reached screeching high tones. After dropping his gaze down to his privates, Levine understood what the whole ruckus was about – his zipper was open the entire time. Quickly the shrieks of excitement turned into disappointed boos as the Maroon 5 lead singer zipped his pants up and continued with the show fully dressed.


Came To The Rescue

She might have played the ultimate bad girl in Suicide Squad, but this time around Margot Robbie was a damsel in distress. Very much like her role of Jane in Tarzan, Margot needed a little bit of rescuing from the movie’s lead, Alexander Skarsgard. Robbie’s dress was blowing in the wind, and the actress looked at Skarsgard with great appreciation as he helped adjust her dress while simultaneously acting as her human shield, to block the wind.


You Can Take The Actress Out Of Hollywood…

The Oscar-winning talented actress Emma Thompson had prints of her hands and feet immortalized in cement in a Los Angeles ceremony honoring her stellar career. After Thompson stepped into the cement in black pumps, she suddenly slipped sideways and onto the red carpet. To lighten up the mood and make a joke at her own expense, the Saving Mr. Banks star rolled sideways theatrically and pretended to be embarrassed. Quickly after, she felt as though her scene was done, and Emma got up and was all smiles at the camera.


Like Mother Like Daughter

Real Housewives of New York dame Sonja Morgan thought the close-fitting Hervé Leger bandage dress was an excellent choice for Bravo Network’s New York premiere of Hulu’s Difficult People on Monday, but she had another thing coming. In fact, as she made her grand entrance at the event, her dress nearly came undone as the fabric split open. The star-studded affair luckily invited Sonja’s daughter Quincy Adams Morgan as well, who quickly rushed over and rezipped the dress.


Just In Time

Naomi Watts joined her costars on stage for the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards when they were granted the award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for Birdman. As Watts made her way to the podium, she tumbled on actress Emma Stone’s sheer skirt and went flying. Luckily for the King Kong actress, she managed to balance herself just in time and even managed to scrape a few words of appreciation: “Thanks to the Screen Actors Guild. This is a wonderful experience, so collaborative,” she said.


Rocked His Pants Off

Rocker Lenny Kravitz is known for being anything but a submissive type, nor is he an artist associated with the concept of conformity. Perhaps that is why fans know better than to expect a traditional, monotone performance the second the star goes on stage. However, no one, not even the singer, could have foreseen the major wardrobe malfunction that occurred during the first song of his set at the Grona Lund theme park in Stockholm in 2015. Kravitz crouched down, and suddenly, his leather pants ripped, revealing his pierced lower extremity.


Vertically Challenged

The Cannes Film Festival is perceived as having a notable strict dress code – while actresses are requested to wear high heels, actors must fashion a black suit and bowtie. That is why French star Laure Calamy shocked many when she flashed everyone in sight once lining up with her Staying Vertical costars. People definitely had a hard time bouncing back from the way the quirky actress drew back her high slit black gown and revealed her modesty to the guests attending and the paparazzi.


Saved By The Satin

The Lil Mix star, who is known for her vocals as well as fantastic figure, narrowly avoided a huge wardrobe malfunction as her revealing dress appeared to have a mind of its own while on the red carpet. Jade Thirlwall used both hands to cover her chest and lower abdomen as she attended the Brit Awards in 2017. Luckily, Thirlwall did so just in time before she was left completely uncovered due to the slippery nature of her satin dress.


Watch Your Step

She managed to sweep George Clooney off his feet and has since become the mother of his children, but Amal Clooney also managed to sweep her dress under her feet. While Mrs. Clooney is always one to dress to perfection, it seems that this time around, she did not think of how complicated her long dress would be on the red carpet. All that walking and trying to focus on everything around you does not make focusing on your dress very simple.


Not Very Model Behavior

She is used to walking down many red carpets and catwalks, but as one of the biggest supermodels in the world right now, Bella Hadid is also trying to pull off some risque fashion choices. While she looked like the belle of the ball when she wore this red silk dress, the thigh-high split caused more trouble than Bella would have hoped. In fact, Bella almost exposed way more than she bargained for, and no model needs a fashion disaster when all cameras are on them.


Families Who Have Each Other’s Skirts

When Tamar and Toni Braxton walked the red carpet for the Emmy awards, Toni seemed to get her hand caught on her sister’s bottom half of her dress, exposing more than planned. The “Unbreak My Heart” singer clearly had no intention of doing such a mistake towards her sister, but after posing side by side, and having a wrist full of diamonds, it so happens that they may just get caught on her dress material. Sisters often embarrass one another, so this could just be added to the list.


If The Shoe Fits

When William H. Macy helped his wife, Felicity Huffman, put her shoes back on, it looked like a true Cinderella moment. While dressed to impress, Macy acted like a true gentleman when he helped his wife on the red carpet with her high platform heels. While this may have been a red carpet flop, it was a truly romantic moment for many to witness, with many girls probably commending William H. Macy for doing such a thing for his wife in her time of trouble.


Harry Can’t Save You From This One

Everyone knows it rains in England, but not even England’s own Emma Watson remembered that when getting dressed for award season. While she was given an umbrella to weather the storm outside, she perhaps should have chosen another dress – one that wouldn’t have exposed all when the wind got too intense. At this moment, it would have been great if she could have switched into her character of Hermoine to cast a spell and make it all go away.


Are You Ok, Ma’am?

It is very rare to ever come across actress Helen Mirren not being completely perfect. After all, she even played the Queen of England in one of her films because she was totally suitable for the part. However, when it came to taking the red carpet, she did not have complete Queen etiquette, having taken a tumble when her foot got caught in her dress. Sometimes it is worth having a shorter dress – as the Queen is probably aware of – to ensure this does not happen.


Big Little Flop

Talk about a domino effect – the guy on the floor is Adrien Brody, who slipped when trying to stop his mother from falling at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Benefit Gala, and almost knocked over Nicole Kidman in the process! While the MET stairs certainly make for some great photos, they have also proven to be rather hazardous when celebrities start to climb them! We can’t blame Adrien Brody, however, a son has to save his mother in times like these.


The Secret Superhero

She is a former Victoria’s Secret model, but it seems that Karolina Kurkova got bored of wearing minimal clothing, so she covered head to toe, and some more, for this red carpet event. Trying to blend into the carpet while she was at it, she couldn’t have expected to make it through the evening without someone stepping on her cape. Why does she even need a cape is the real question. Perhaps she is trying her own new style to make her stand out from all the other models.

Karolina Kurkova

Better Safe Than Sorry

It seems many were not impressed by Rakhi Sawant’s need to strut her stuff while attending the 21st Annual Life OK Screen Awards. Dressed up in an outfit resembling a pink nurse costume, Sawant was booed by the international media for attempting to pull off a dress with a slit resembling a tear. To make things worse, her slouching pose for the cameras was said to be distasteful. Despite the strong objection to her appearance, we’re just thankful her malfunction didn’t involve an unwanted tear.


Caught Off Guard

Mariah Carey did not have a merry Christmas this time around, no matter how many times her song was played in department store chains. The singer, who is known to balance her highly expensive fashion taste with greatly capable lungs, failed the physical balance test as she stumbled in her Christian Louboutin pumps in New York City. Carey was promoting her new reality show Mariah’s World at the NBC Upfronts while wearing a short, sequined, leopard dress and fishnet stockings. Luckily, her security guard caught her just in time.


Sheer Dumb Luck

Adrienne Bailon, the ex-girlfriend of Robert Kardashian, attended the Escape to Total Rewards event in New York but had no idea this appearance would be remembered for many years to come. The former Disney “Cheetah Girl” wore a see-through black dress, which was meant to be a “sneak peek of [her] upcoming fashion line collaboration with Dominique Auxilly,” according to Celebuzz. Unfortunately for Bailon, the sheer dress showed off a sneak peek of her modesty. Needless to say, this was a bad day to go commando.


Switching Things Up

Curvaceous actress Ariel Winter avoided a major wardrobe malfunction while attending the 2017 Emmy Awards, as her dress featured two long slits that went high up her thighs and dangerously dangled with every step she took. When asked about this bold choice of clothing, the Modern Family star said: “I was just looking for something different. I loved it and thought it was a beautiful dress. I usually do cleavage and not legs so I decided to switch it up!”



Jennifer Garner has always had a great personality that went hand in hand with her stunning looks, and it is this tremendously rare combination that helped her to elegantly skip over the hurdle that was this wardrobe malfunction. The lovely actress attended the Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Premiere in El Capitan, Hollywood on October 6, 2014, wearing a classic little black dress, when her overly eager and highly energized costar Steve Carell accidentally distracted Garner from the fact her dress had been lifted.